Bienvenidos a Miami

Well, it’s been quite some time since I last posted and a lot has happened, so let’s get right to it. The big news came at the end of September when I moved to Miami with Joe! I had never been, but the experience so far has been super fun.

Compared to Portland’s cold and rainy winters (not to mention the dreaded Winter Vortex sweeping over most of the rest of the country), Miami has kept things warm and sunny almost every day. Best. Winter. Ever.

I was able to work a couple liquor promos and a fun NASCAR event in Homestead for Target. Soon after, I found a growing, all-natural, antioxidant beverage company looking for a market team lead in Miami. Bai is a 5-calorie beverage made with coffee fruit and comes in 10 delicious flavors!

I started with a training weekend in Baltimore and came back to leading road shows at Costco stores in South Florida. Bai is now in Target stores nationwide and I am the merchandiser for the Miami market.

While in Miami I’ve been able to try all sorts of great restaurants – you can check out my favorites on Yelp! I love the Peruvian food and Cuban cafecitos. The late night parties are everything you’ve read about and the beaches are fantastic.

With things settling down, I hope to keep my blog updated a little more frequently. In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite snapshots from my time here in Miami (so far).



A Lucite Dream

I’ve been obsessing over lucite for the last few months — even staying up way too late, window shopping online. My darling boyfriend bought me a pair of UNIF boots I had been eyeing for my birthday. Instead of doing a photo shoot, we decided to shoot a fashion video near the southeast waterfront. I picked out the music, Locusts by Widowspeak (from Tacoma, WA). I really love how it turned out, hope you do too!



See more of Joe’s work here!

Nike Street League Skateboarding at the Rose Quarter

The Nike Street League Skateboarding Tour took over the Rose Garden, featuring some of the world’s top skaters competing for a $100,000 grand prize and entry to the Street League Finals. The Nike SB tent had a ton of cool touchpoints for visitors.

The setup included a gallery of the history of Nike SB sneakers to a mini skatepark where kids could test the newest Paul Rodriguez 7′s, Stefan Janoski’s, and the Eric Koston 2′s. There was also a skate deck check station and a giveaway where 12 people, after entering in a keycard code on the Nike SB safe, could grab a pair of bolt cutters, snapping open a locker with a brand new pair of SB’s.

Paul Rodriguez, who I had met a few years ago at the Dew Tour, won the tournament and I got a cute pair of Nike Dunks! Not a bad way to spend a gorgeous Portland Sunday.



English Gin Off-Premise

The off-premise program for English Gin, originally scheduled for an 8-week run, was extended an extra 12 events due to our team’s excellent results. We promoted Beefeater, Beefeater 24, and Plymouth gins and made 3 tasty cocktails for our demos. My favorite was the Plymouth Tom Collins — Plymouth Gin, lemon sour, simple syrup, and a splash of soda water — yum!

The events were made all the more fun by our paperboy hats, vests, and tie clips — so cute :)



Dasani Drops at PSU

Dasani has created a delicious flavor enhancer for your water in 6 fruity flavors. At our footprint, we had sampling stations, an extreme recycling water bottle rocket game, and a bounce house photo booth complete with confetti cannon! Portland State University students, staff, and campus visitors had lots of fun participating in our activities and trying our “flavorfied” water! My favorite flavor is the pineapple coconut, tastes like a tropical piña colada, yum!



Dice Tech Trek at Innotech is the leading online job board for technology companies featuring job postings, resumes, surveys, articles and tech forums. At the Innotech conference, I served as 98% tech star and 2% ninja, registering attendees for accounts with Dice. Registered patrons got their choice of pre-made Dice tee’s, customized tee’s that we would print right there,Continue Reading

April Photo Project

A photo every day in April! It was really fun and sometimes difficult, but my boyfriend and I managed to do a photo shoot every day in the month of April. Some shoots were more set up and others were a little more impromptu after a long day of work or travel. I’m really happyContinue Reading

Nike Intensity #Counts in Eugene, OR

Nike sponsored a nationwide Fuel Band challenge and Oregon came out on top with the most fuel points. To celebrate, Nike brought master trainers Alex Molden and Marie Purvis to the University of Oregon to lead a workout session with a few hundred students. The students who worked out the hardest got priority line placementContinue Reading

Liberté in Portland

Liberté Yogurt is currently touring the country and I signed up to be a brand ambassador during their 3-day stop in Portland. Armed with bags full of Blackberry, Strawberry, and Coconut flavored yogurt, I traversed downtown, guerrilla-style, handing out product to thankful passers-by. We managed to handout approximately 1,000 cups each day — of allContinue Reading

Stock Video Footage for Uberstock

Uberstock creates stock video footage to be used in commercials, tv, and film. This shoot was for night club scenes, filmed at Couture Ultra Lounge in downtown Portland. We started the “clubbing” around 3pm and on into the evening. It was fun and I basically got paid to hang out with (and make new) friends.Continue Reading